Level 17, Lumina Tower 2, No. 181 Yanjiang West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510120, China
+86 20 2831 7333

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Lumina Guangzhou (Lumina) is a dynamic new hub of work and leisure, that brings together five core elements of work life balance under one roof — business, socialising, wellness, learning and enrichment. From pursuing a career to pursuing happiness, to finding inspiration and achieving aspirations, Lumina empowers elite professionals to achieve their ambition in a community of likeminded passionate individuals and share in memorable moments. Lumina is a Grade A office building and a prime shopping complex, sitting along the Pearl River with unforgettable panoramic views. With abundance of public spaces and innovative workspace environments at Lumina, finding harmony between work and life has never been easier. The Executive Centre is located at 17/F and provides businesses with open office spaces that can be fully customised to match the brand identity and visual entity of the company. A workspace with us looks and feels like a space that is entirely yours, whilst also being embraced by our signature team of expert Engagement Officers, Baristas and IT Technicians.  Our Executive Centre at Lumina also offers a range of cost-effective office space solutions to our Member and clients to further elevate your daily workflow. Whether you’re inside your workspace or within Lumina, your professional lifestyle will be set on a path of success.


The “Lumina” premier landmark project is one of the first properties in Henderson Land’s collection of commercial developments launched in mainland China. Its Chinese name expresses a space without boundary like an all-embracing spirit. Like a guiding star, Lumina lights the way to new possibilities.

Lumina Guangzhou features a dynamic community tailored for offices, businesses and living – creating a synergy of the city’s culture and the creative urban planning. It is an oasis within the city, a hub for gathering professionals, tourists and locals looking to enrich their work-life balance, uncover untapped business opportunities, expand their networks, explore new experiences, broaden their horizons, share culture and pursue a healthier and sustainable new way of living.

At The Executive Centre, we provide Serviced Office, Meeting Room, Event Space, Conference and Coworking facilities that cater to all of your business needs. Additionally, our barista bar serves premium coffee and light refreshments to our Members, guaranteeing you an enjoyable experience every moment you’re in our workspace. The thoughtful layout and interior design by TEC’s signature designer, Fiona Hardie, is finished with subtle accents from contemporary design, designer furniture, ergonomic workstations and chairs by Herman Miller and 9am. Our dedicated in Centre Engagement Team have expertise across the spectrum from business and event management support to comprehensive IT infrastructure. 디이그제큐티브센터는 회원에게 절대적인 비즈니스 운영 효율성과 유연성을 보장하는 탁월한 기술력을 제공하고 있다는 점을 자랑스럽게 여깁니다.

For even more around the clock flexibility, TEC Members can benefit by using our all-in-one digital platform – MyTEC. Through the platform Members can make connections with over 27,000+ fellow Members across our network, discover and redeem exclusive TEC Member Benefits, book Meeting Rooms, manage virtual mail and even manage their account and billing. With MyTEC, you can access your workspace wherever you go and enjoy more flexibility even when you’re out of office and away from your space at TEC Lumina Centre.

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The building, Lumina Guangzhou, is situated next to the Pearl River, between JieFang South Road and the QiaoGuang West Road making it a convenient and easily accessible location for any business occasions. From this Centre, you can easily reach the White Swan Hotel, Huaxia Hotel within a walking distance. Moreover, within the Lumina Mall, it is  simple to find plenty of food and drink options, leisure activities, entertainment services and shopping options such as Shamian Island, Sacred Heart Cathedral and I-club shopping plaza.

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Level 17, Lumina Tower 2, No. 181 Yanjiang West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510120, China
+86 20 2831 7333

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Lumina Guangzhou

현지 언어 주소:
中国广州市越秀区沿江西路181号星寰国际商业中心T2 17楼,邮编510120

Nearest Railway Station:
Guangzhou East Railway station
거리: 12km
디이그제큐티브센터까지 자동차로 20분

Guangzhou South High-Speed Railway station
25-min drive to The Executive Centre

Haizhu Square Station
디이그제큐티브센터까지 걸어서 10분

다음 장소에 도착하는 경우:
Guangzhou Baiyu International Airport
거리: 33km

택시 이용 시:
예상 요금: 20 USD / Local Currency RMB 130

기차 이용 시:
광저우 동역, The Executive Centre까지 자동차로 20분

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