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Modern International Finance Center


Level 21, Modern International Finance Center, No. 136 Chifeng Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300041, China
+86 22 2318 5088

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As the largest port in north China, Tianjin ranks amongst the 10 largest ports in the world, the city enjoys transportation advantages with a well-connected and established ocean, land and air infrastructure system.

Situated in the 860 thousand square meters skyscraper landmark of Tianjin, The Executive Centre at Modern International Finance Center is a highly sought-after office space for rent with a very strong location advantage. As the Centre is located between the famous Binjiang Road Pedestrian Street and Nanjing Road of Heping District the area is a hub and centre of culture, commerce and finance.

In addition to being at the centre of the central business district and commercial retail districts of Tianjin, the surrounding neighbourhoods are also encircled by high-quality and prestigious Middle and Primary Schools.

Setting up a new business address with our Virtual Office or premium flexible workspace at Modern International Finance Center in Tianjin will elevate your business and executive life.


With an alluring design of 1,300 sq ft office space for rent, The Executive Centre at Modern International Finance Center is an all-in-one business centre for your Meetings, Conference and Event. A Private office grants you 24/7 access, and our coworking areas are supported with fresh brewed coffee and complimentary refreshments from our on-site barista bar. Members will have plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded professionals from a variety of business backgrounds within the TEC Community – online and offline.

Furnished with the latest ergonomically designed and functional furniture pieces, The Executive Centre at Modern International Finance Center provides exceptional workspace and secure connectivity to ensure your business runs smoothly with excellence in IT Support and Infrastructure.

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The Yingkoudao Station is a convenient 2-minutes walking distance from our workspace at Modern International Finance Center. Additionally, the district can be conveniently accessed through one of its ten bus routes and express shuttle connecting the railway station and the airport.

Overlooking the panoramic view of the Zhongxin Haihe Square, from our Executive Centre you can also experience great views of the Haihe River, which is also known as the Mother River of Tianjin City which is composed of five large rivers in north China.

Our Executive Centre grants you unparalleled resources through its supporting hub of resources from integrating finances, banking, science, technology, education, logistics and commerce the Heping District is a professional’s paradise. Moreover, within the district is the well-known first Four Seasons Serviced Apartment and Opus Heping Hanlin Mansion. The Executive Centre in Modern International Finance Center is a space geared towards success.

The five-star hotels, high end retail outlets, luxurious residences, and serviced apartments are all within close proximity. 뛰어난 교통망으로 도시 곳곳으로 쉽게 접근할 수 있습니다.

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Level 21, Modern International Finance Center, No. 136 Chifeng Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300041, China
+86 22 2318 5088

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Modern International Finance Center

현지 언어 주소:
天津市和平区赤峰道136号 天津国际金融中心21楼 邮编: 300041

가장 가까운 메트로/지하철:
Yingkoudao Station
디이그제큐티브센터까지 걸어서 2분

Nearest railway station:
Tianjin station
디이그제큐티브센터까지 도보 10분

다음 장소에 도착하는 경우:
Tianjin International Airport
거리: 20km

택시 이용 시:
예상 요금: 7 USD / 50 RMB

버스 이용 시:
Binjiang Road station, Changsha road station and Shanxi Road station.
디이그제큐티브센터까지 걸어서 3분

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